Xiaomi Mi, Wireless Car Charger Inductive Electric Clamp Arm, Black

Xiaomi Mi, Wireless Car Charger Inductive Electric Clamp Arm, Black

130,00 د.إ

This wireless charger boasts a maximum power output of 20W, making it compatible with any smartphone that supports the QI wireless charging protocol. It features an electric grip with sensors that securely holds your phone even when driving on bumpy roads.

Equipped with a hidden infrared sensor and an electrically adjustable grip, it automatically opens and holds your phone as you approach. The grip also offers step-less adjustment and universal rotation, allowing you to position your phone in any desired angle. This ensures that your phone stays safe and secure even when you brake sharply or drive over speed bumps.



  • Simultaneously Charge and Navigate - You can now charge your phone and navigate at the same time, without the hassle of plugging in or removing the phone case. The moment your phone touches the charger, it starts charging automatically, and you can easily remove it with just one hand by tapping the side button. The charger provides effective charging even when the phone case is on, with an induction distance of up to 4mm.
  • Elegant Curved Glass Surface with a Round Indicator - The charger's integrated 2.5D glass panel not only enhances the aesthetics but also improves cooling efficiency, resulting in faster charging times. The round blue indicator on the curved glass surface adds to the charm, shining brightly to guide you during your night drives.
  • Built-in Fan and Metal Thermal Pad for Enhanced Safety - To ensure optimal safety, the charger comes equipped with a built-in fan that provides smart adjustment and active cooling based on the temperature. Additionally, the metal thermal pad further enhances the cooling capacity, providing double the cooling effect.

Additional information

Weight 0,29 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 9 cm


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